The Great Paradox

If you want to hear God’s laughter. Tell him your plans. We exist in a paradox, on a roller coaster in darkness, where sometimes all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

Jamie Varon articulates this so well, so I’ll let her have the floor:

You will get it right only to watch parts of it fall apart again. You will get “off track” only to realize there is no damn track; there is only your life and how you approach it each day. You will stumble and forget lessons you thought were ingrained.

You will heal only to see it unravel. You will have effortless days and you will have effortful days. You will progress and then take five steps back and then move forward in a totally different way that you’ll realize was necessary, but all of this will only make sense with the benefit of retrospect.

You will be consistently humbled by how much there still is to discover about yourself and the world. Your life will be a series of chapters and books. It will not look like anyone else’s. It will be hard and it will be magical and you will never know which one is around the corner.

You will get lost and found over and over again.

None of this is an indication that you are doing life “wrong.” In fact, it’s an indication you are doing it very “right.” Because you are alive to it all.

What a gift, to be in a perpetual state of becoming, growth and evolvement.

How lucky you are that you get to be you.