Happy New Year!!

By Scott Westerman
School starts at MSU on Monday. The dorms are brimming with kids who can’t wait to get rid of their parents. Text books are flying out of the bookstores and tomorrow begins a brand new year of enlightenment, inside and outside the classroom.

For my business friends, you too are probably deeply ensconced in budgets by now. You’re already trying to predict what your marketplace will look like and how you’ll position your resources to capitalize on it… and forecast your success with month by month precision.

So today is a perfect time for some New Year’s Resolutions! What are yours? Here are mine!

  • I am committed to a regular fitness plan that will give me more energy. I’ll be in the gym at least three times a week. I will cut my Coke and junk food intake in half. Within 90 days, I will have dropped 15 pounds and will have a routine in place to maintain the healthy lifestyle I preach.
  • I will continue to prioritize the most important people in my life: Colleen, Shelby, Brandon, Stephanie and Mike, and those old and new friends who give more than they get. Date night will remain sacrosanct – Wednesday evenings.
  • I will update the bucket list and start working on it now.
  • By the end of fiscal 2010-2011 (June 30, 2011) we will have increased membership in MSUAA by 20%. Our Net Promoter Score will be in the high 70s and we will become one of the best places to work in Michigan.
  • I will benchmark three additional best-in-class service companies and incorporate what I learn into my leadership philosophy and operational culture.
  • I promise to take vacation, beginning with a week of meditation and renewal, just for me, in October.
  • I will compassionately avoid energy suckers and embrace and encourage fellow joy seekers.
  • The book will be printed before Homecoming!
  • I will schedule myself to get eight hours of sleep a night. (Yeah.. I know that feels like a pipe dream, but I’m really gonna try!)
  • I will face all unpleasant realities, yet never lose faith in the ultimately favorable outcome.
  • I will forgive those who hurt me and forgive myself for my many screw-ups and imperfections.
  • I will endeavor to live the Spartan Life every day and work on modeling the behavior for others.

Since I’m sharing all this with you, my accountability buddies, I hereby empower you to call me out if I’m not living up to any of these commitments, or any other commitments you think should go along with them. Feedback is the breakfast of champions so consider this an “all you can eat” restaurant.

There’s one more resolution. I’ll be happy to be your confidential accountability buddy, too. If you wish, send me your own personal New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll check up on you from time to time to see how you’re doing.

Have a great week… and Happy New Year!