How to Thrive in 2021

How to Thrive in 2021

How do we survive and thrive in 2021? There is a secret sauce. And the recipe is easier than you might think.

Did 2020 exhaust you all as much as it did me? My author persona found it hard write thriller copy because the real world felt so much crazier than any plot line we could think of. So what do we do reality feels more dystopian and frightening than anything we could imagine?

To thrive in 2021, keep on creating. My friend, best selling author DP Lyle reminded me that the best craftspeople keep creating in every season. We write around the plot points that try to stop us cold. And we have the great gift of being able to go back in time and change anything about our manuscript that doesn’t feel right in that first draft we barf out onto the keyboard.
And so it is in every profession.

Whenever we stumble, we get back up and keep coming back until we’ve completed the task. As a guy who is still new to this universe of writing fiction, I’ve realized that we share a commonality with every entrepreneur, every visionary who is slightly ahead of her time: Those who succeed in any endeavor have a magical resilience, that helps us plow through the bad days and setbacks, that keeps us chipping away at our goals when the muse deserts us, that builds invisible radar to help us find creative venues to talk about our work and new ways to add value.

As we enter an uncertain 2021, may you find that resilience in your own spirit. It’s the secret sauce that separates the victors from the vanquished, the strength to part the thin curtain of reeds that reveals an ocean of opportunity.

Yes, good things take time. But they don’t come our way without visualization, courage and tenacity. To thrive in 2021, envision those dreams coming true. Have the courage to pursue them, even when it feels like the entire world is standing in your way. Adjust to take advantage of opportunities in the present moment, but never lose faith that you will ultimately prevail.

These are the characteristics of our favorite literary protagonists. May we all make them part of us as we write our own next chapter.