Covid Vaccine Trial Diary – Chapter 2

Covid 19 Vaccine Trial Diary

The highlights this week’s Covid Vaccine Trial Diary: No significant side-effects. Filled out my daily log. The center didn’t call today like they said they would.

After I got the shot, I had a couple of days where I could feel it. The area around the point where Robert stuck me was a little sore, a tiny bit swollen, but about like what usually happens when I get my annual flu shot. That gave me hope that perhaps I wasn’t on the placebo list. I know I wrote that it was cool if they gave me saline, and how important it is to have a control group in any trial like this. But I wanted the genuine article. I mean, after all, the only real patriotic thing I can do this year besides offering up my body for this study is to vote the idiot responsible for our utter failure to control this pandemic out of office. I know that statement will incense my friends who still believe he is the second coming of Christ, so I’ll leave it there. Perhaps this sudden burst of anger is a side-effect of the vaccine. I’ll make a note of that somewhere.

Which brings me back to the daily log I have been faithfully keeping. The app works great. It pings me daily to tell me to take my temperature, inspect the injection site and report whether I needed drugs, am having chills, fatigue, vomiting or sought medical attention. I’ve learned that my normal body temperature averages 97.9 degrees. And I can’t decide if the fatigue I feel is because of the vaccine, or because the stress of living in this hellish maelstrom of pandemic, enabled hatred and economic depression. Oh yeah. We are also in the midst of a business start-up and that’s been keeping me up past midnight most nights. So when the app asks if I have any unusual fatigue, I answer, “No.” That feels appropriate, all things considered.

Last Thursday, or maybe it was Friday, I thought I could feel my system responding to the vaccine. You know what I’m talking about. You get the shot, the bug, greatly diminished, sets off alarms and your antibody soldiers go to check it out. You feel a little warmer and there is this sensation that your metabolism is mobilizing to do what it should do when vaccines work, make a ton of antibodies and learn how to keep it at bay.

But then I realized that I was lying on the couch watching Endeavor in my fleece. Perhaps the combination of the cool plot and the hot insulation created the sensation. It subsided when I took the damn thing off.

Fast forward to today. I’m super eager to hear from Cassie, or whoever is calling. I want to know what they can share about my blood test. Did that swab that Dr. Jeff stuck up my nose come back negative for Covid? What are our next steps? Should I up my exposure opportunities? Do I get on an airplane or have a mask-less verbal gas pump altercation with another mask-less pick-up truck confederate who has a stars and bars painted on his rear window and gives dirty looks to the 95% of us who are taking this mask thing seriously?

I await my 9am call, breathlessly, even turning off the robo call killer app on my phone so any strange number can get through without screening.


I finally send Cassie an email at 10:50. I mean, I’m still in my jammies and need a shower and don’t want to miss the call. “Did I get the date and time wrong?”

She writes back at 12:41.

“You did not get the time wrong–you were on the schedule, I’m not sure what happened. I’ll follow-up with the guy who is doing those calls and find out .

“Thank you for filling out the diary! That is all for now, the only thing we would need from you is if you go to the hospital/ER or have any issues.”

I get a sinking feeling that there is saline in my veins. I mean, there’s a 50/50 chance and I have never, ever won anything in my life that wasn’t somehow fixed ahead of time. Like that time I helped out at a cable conference and the emcee alerted me that I would win the drawing for the two Airlines tickets and to look surprised and stunned. I think the vendor that hosted the thing wanted to ensure that we would launch their channel in Pekin, Illinois. I don’t remember if we ever did.

So, I’ll keep following directions. I really like the people who worked on my and hope that whatever they injected into my body will do some good for someone.

In the meantime, I think I’ll take that shower and get dressed.