Good Men

Good Men

It has become fashionable to pre-judge the many based on the exploits of the few.

It’s easy. There are a lot of us, a big enough universe where there will always be a certain percentage of superstars and nare-do-wells who get attention.

Let’s not forget that the vast majority of men are trying to be good guys. They don’t seek the limelight.

Their lifelong body of work mirrors a meme I received this week from a friend.

Good Men aren’t afraid to open their hearts, even if it means risking heartbreak.
Good Men embrace vulnerability, even when it may not be fashionable.
Good  Men look in the mirror and try to improve on what they see.
Good Men honor their sons’ empathetic tears.
Good Men listen to their daughters’ voices.
Good Men approach fatherhood with love and compassion.
Good Men show up, keep promises and stay around in good times and in bad.

Good Men don’t always get everything right. Their goodness is both a blessing and a curse, honored by saints and preyed on by sinners.

Good Men aren’t always the ones you read about. They go about their daily lives without fanfare or the desire for attention.

They work hard.
They try to do what’s right.
They worry about failing.
They want to help create a better world for their families and those around them.

Good Men can be tough on the outside. But they may also be fragile on the inside.
Good Men make the hard decisions. But they second guess themselves and worry that some may be the wrong decisions.
Good Men aren’t afraid to fight. But they pick their battles. They protect the injured, even if it means taking a few gut punches.

Most of all, Good Men are human. Humanity is the standard against which they evaluate every decision, judge others, stand with those who suffer and stand against injustice.

As we read about bad men, let’s not forget the Good ┬áMen. They outnumber their troubled counterparts by an exponential margin. And on days like today, they deserve our gratitude and our praise.