Just One Hour a Day

Just One Hour a Day

Just one hour a day in focused, productive action improve almost any situation. These three hours and fifty minutes can transform your life.

  • Just five minutes a day thinking about what you are grateful for can recenter your spirit.
  • Just ten minutes a day prioritizing the next day’s activities can make you dramatically more productive.
  • Just fifteen minutes a day writing supportive messages to those you care about can renew two souls: theirs and yours.
  • Just twenty minutes hour a day reviewing your goals can help you prioritize what’s important.
  • Just thirty minutes a day in pursuit of self improvement can help achieve almost any goal.
  • Just forty minutes a day researching a specific topic can move you in the direction of expertise.
  • Just fifty minutes a day reading a book can open new vistas of imagination.
  • Just one hour a day in the gym can strengthen your body and increase your energy.

The biggest obstacle? Time. Most people don’t do these things because they claim, “I can’t find the time for ‘Just one hour a day.'”

Here are things you can stop doing to give you  the time for the things you want to start doing.

  • Stop binge watching Television. Plan your consumption with moderation as the goal.
  • Stop instantly answering emails. Set specific times when you will read and respond.
  • Stop overdosing on social media. Log how much time you spend on Facebook. You’ll find that hour.
  • Stop allowing others to set your priorities. Ditch energy suckers, negativity kings and drama queens.
  • Stop endless phone conversations. Every interaction should have an objective and a time limit.
  • Stop blaming others for the obstacles in your path. Take ownership. Act.
  • Stop beating yourself up when you fail at any of the above. Change takes time, repetition and patience.

Habits that can help you take back ‘Just One Hour a Day’ and more:

  • Avoid activities that are “tension relieving”. Replace them with things that are “goal achieving”.
  • Log your total screen time each week. Analyze the log to see how much unfocused scrolling may be happening.
  • Identify tools, technology and teachers who can help you sharpen your focus to effectively plan and execute.
  • Get the sleep you need.
  • Give your body the fuel and exercise it needs.
  • Consider mindfulness or meditation to give your mind the freedom it needs.
  • Develop “patient persistence”. We all bloom in our own time. But not without persistent tending to the garden.

Change can happen in Just One Hour a Day. Begin by envisioning where you want to go. Study multiple pathways to get there. Take the first step. And keep walking in the direction of your dreams.