Hope and Faith

Hope and Faith

In a world that seems to dump challenge after challenge on our shoulders, it’s important to understand the difference between Hope and Faith.

There are as many definitions for Hope and Faith as there are people.

David Servant says, “Hope always says ‘maybe’, but it leaves room for the possibility that what I want, I may not get. Faith however, is the assurance of things hoped for.”

Nylse Esahc adds a two key elements that takes Faith beyond assurance. “The Hebrew word for hope, tiqvah, means something we hold onto. The Greek word for faith is pistis, which connotes faithfulness, conviction, and commitment.. Based on the definitions alone, hope and faith are often intertwined; hope is the soil in which we exercise our faith.”

Here is my definition: Hope articulates the wish that things will get better. Faith is the belief that carefully considered action can lead to productive outcomes.

The two concepts are best when intertwined. Together Hope and Faith can be powerful catalysts for positive change.

Hope dreams. Faith acts.

Hope paints the picture. Faith creates the reality.

Hope crosses fingers and holds its breath. Faith is the combination of courage and character put into consistent action, adjusting trajectories and modifying strategy until you get where you want to be.

Hope is a wish for what we want to happen.
Faith is having the conviction and commitment to do what it takes to make it so.

As we come to the end of a year that has brought more than it’s share of visceral hate, division and suffering, I hope that each us can paint our own picture of hope and have the faith to do what it takes to make that picture real.

However you may be celebrating the holidays, I wish you good health, a capacity for hope and the courage to have faith.

What I feel most at this time of year is gratitude. I am eternally grateful for supportive friends like you who give me the hope to dream of better days ahead and the faith that there are good people out there who can come together to make it a reality.