Flowers for the Living

To often, we sing someone’s praises after they are out of earshot. Why wait?

“The Real” Scott Westerman became a popular speaker on the memorial circuit as his age-mates began to pass. Whatever the departed’s faults, dad always found something worth celebrating.

To paraphrase Karl Malden in Pollyanna, look for the good and you will surely find it. Why not create an aural bouquet of flowers for the living?

It’s well known how giving ultimately benefits the giver. The highest compliment anyone can receive is, “I like me best when I’m with you.”

There is one huge side-effect for the recipient, too. Whatever your age, kindness can fuel the desire to keep on keep in’ on.

My generation is entering a time we’re it’s easy to conclude our best years are behind us. The right words may inspire us to believe that beautiful blooms can yet emerge.