The Competitive Advantage of Discipline

Discipline will take you where motivation won’t. It is the essential bridge between goals and achievement.

Discipline endures the storm, answers the alarm clock, schedules the necessary time to become stronger, better, more confident. Discipline discovers clarity of purpose, seeks out teachers and fellow travelers, breaks through plateaus, restores energy when the gas tank is empty, and perseveres when everyone and everything tries to break you.

Discipline is tenacity and desire spun in a blender of patient repetition. It is the single commonality that the elite in every field share.

Without discipline, goals crumble into the sands of what might have bin.

With discipline the tiniest thread of an idea can grow into an unbreakable chain of accomplishment. With discipline, no obstacle or failure is insurmountable. With discipline, the path to the future appears out of the fog of the present.

Discipline begins with a single decision: To start with what you have, where you are, right now.

It requires only one attribute: commitment. In every game it is the ultimate competitive advantage.