By Scott Westerman
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Welcome home!

To live and work within walking distance of the sights and sounds of my formative years at Michigan State University constantly triggers a treasure trove of memories. I cherish every opportunity to tread amidst this ever evolving, living Time Machine, always pointing towards the future, but brilliantly reflecting riches of knowledge discovered along the way.

It’s a common experience we all share whenever we come home to campus. From the sweet aroma inside the MSU dairy store, to the silent splendor of the Spartan statue, to the laughing tumble of the Red Cedar as it dances along the rapids by the administration building, the sensations that abound across campus spur reminders of the people, places, events and attitudes that contributed to the unique individuals we have become.

From its inception, Michigan State University has been a living, breathing entity. And each of us has contributed to MSU’s life story. With the wisdom that comes from the seasoning of our years, we know that every story has its ups and downs, a mixture of progress and setbacks that are part and parcel of every authentic institution.

Having served the 500,000 strong Spartan alumni family for nearly 8 years, I can tell you that our land-grant vision of changing the world while helping each other define and pursue our individual definitions of happiness has never been stronger. Every day I cross paths with extraordinary Spartans who feed the world, alleviate suffering and model the behaviors of inquisitiveness, inclusiveness, and the tenacious work ethic that have always defined who we are.

We know that the road to achievement is filled with obstacles that would break the spirit of lesser souls. But Spartans will always push through to absolute victory.

We know that the greatness of our institution is defined by the goodness of the many and not the misdeeds of a few.

And we know that our fundamental dedication to advancing knowledge, solving the world’s toughest problems, standing up for the less fortunate and leaving a legacy for future generations is the essence of every Spartans will.

As you celebrate this half-century milestone in your Spartan lives, we who steward this great university salute you. You have defined Michigan State for your generation. And we couldn’t be prouder of that definition.

Thank you very much!

Scott Westerman is Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Michigan State University Alumni Association.


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